MIT Sloan Bioinnovations 2014

Precision Medicine & the Impact of Innovation on Targeted Care

We are very excited for you to join us Friday for the 2014 MIT Sloan BioInnovations Conference. We wanted to let you know of an unfortunate change of plans. Due to a work emergency, the FDA Commissioner, Dr. Margaret Hamburg, will not be able to speak at the conference.

We sincerely regret this change, as we know everyone was looking forward to seeing her. We look forward to a great day of content nonetheless and will see you tomorrow.

Tiana Velwisch and Anthony Chiu
MIT Sloan BioInnovations 2014

New Website Launch!

We are excited to announce the launch of the new BioInnovations website for the 2014 Conference! The healthcare industry is currently undergoing a paradigm shift in the way we treat patients, with both a drop in diagnostic technologies (including genome sequencing) and a realization that many diseases require specific drugs tailored to treat specific mutations (ex. Gleevec for BCR-Abl fusion kinases). To address that, we are announcing the theme for next years conference: Precision Medicine & the Impact of Innovation on Targeted Care. We hope you will be able to join us next year, on February 28th. More information coming soon.